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January 3, 2023


The Hobson family were going camping. It was Bella's first camping trip, and though she was excited, she was nervous too. “What if the tent falls over and squashes us?” she asked Joe. “It too light to squash us,” said Joe. “Well, what if the wind blows it away?” “The wind isn't strong enough.” “Well, what if a wolf comes into the tent and eats us?” This made Joe laugh. Bella had read too many fairy stories with big, bad wolves in them. “There aren't any wolves in Yorkshire,” he said. “There aren't any wolves in the whole of Britain. Except in zoos, of course.” “Well, what if one escaped from a zoo?” asked Bella. Joe said that zoos were far too careful to let their animals escape. And Bella soon forgot about wolves as they started planning for the camping trip. “Let's get ready, kids!” said Dad, on Saturday morning. “As soon as we're packed up, then we're off!” They all helped load up the car. First, they put in the tent – it was a big one for the whole family. Then the sleeping bags and blankets. It’s cold at night, when you're sleeping in a tent. Then they packed the cooking equipment, and lots of food to cook.

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Joe was too excited to sleep. So he lay awake thinking about the day, and wondering what would happen tomorrow. Suddenly, he heard something from outside the tent. A rustling noise. “Probably just a rabbit,” he thought. Then he heard more rustling. It sounded like something walking around outside – something bigger than a rabbit. What if, thought Joe, Bella was right? What if a wolf did escape from a zoo? This campsite was just the kind of place it might like. Joe lay there, shivering, as the rustling continued. At last, he could bear it no longer. He got up and stuck his head out of the tent. A cow gazed at him over the hedge. She had soft, brown eyes, and was chewing peacefully on some leaves. “Moo!” she said. Joe chuckled to himself as he crawled back into his sleeping bag. “To think I was afraid of a cow!”

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