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    Translation Services.

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    Prepare And Complete Immigration Application Forms

  • 3

    Assemble And Submit Immigration Application Forms With Government Agencies(DOJ/USCIS)

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    Support Request For all Attorneys And DOJ Accredited Representatives.

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    Provide Clients Information On Immigration Benefits.

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    Help And Gather Supporting Documents To Support Immigration Case.

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    Support And Coordinate Legal Advocacy In Human Rights Cases.

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    Analyze Case Issues And Prepare Application For Filing.

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    Assist In The Management of The Immigration Matter.

How should a document be translated for immigration?

For non-English immigration documents that you are submitting to us, you must include both a copy of the original and an exact translation into English with translation certification. The original copy of the document and a certified English or other desired language translation are both required by immigration officials. As immigration authorities must compare a document with equivalent ones from the applicant's home country even if they are unable to read the original document in the foreign language. Your immigration officer can process your application and verify that your documents are legitimate by doing this. 
Each of the documents you are sending in a foreign language must have a typed translation attached. The certification letter itself can be written by hand, but submitting a typed copy is preferred. This reduces the likelihood that the immigration officer won't be able to read your handwriting. Immigration application procedure can be time-consuming, but you can reduce potential delays by sending typed documentation. Here is an example of a certification letter from the U.S. State Department for reference: 
Example of an immigration translation certification 
I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ______________________________.  
Date Typed 
Translator’s Full Name
Translator’s Full Address

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